Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers making connecting flights are required to clear Immigration and Customs. Passengers proceeding to regional destinations should however check with the airline representative on landing to confirm arrangements.

The restrictions on carry-on luggage are specified by the airlines and are determined mainly by weight and size. Check with your airline for the details and be sure to follow them as there are logistical issues to be considered. There are other restrictions with regard to the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels. These are a security matter which all airports are bound to uphold and so they are strictly enforced. Observe the 3-1-1 rule spelled out in the security and regulations page.

Several shops at the airport carry products with duty-free status. These may be in the public area before security and in the departure retail area for out bound passengers, as well as in the arrivals terminal. There is a wider selection of shops from the most popular local brand name stores to unique boutiques selling liquors, chocolates, perfumes as well as jewellery, clothing, leather goods and souvenirs. Prices are quoted in Barbados currency.

In the arrivals hall there is a branch of the Bridgetown Duty Free  store which  sells a large selection of  duty free liquor, chocolates and perfumes for arriving passengers.

To report lost or found items please contact the Duty Manager at tel: 420-2900.

There is an Airlines Executive Lounge which is located in the Departures’ Terminal after security. The Lounge is located next to Gate 12 in the departures seating area and can be accessed by stairs or elevator. 

Yes. There are several restaurants and a bar. There is a large location map after you have been screened at the security checkpoint that will direct you to all the facilities in the departure and retail area.

There are both departure and arrival charges and fees, and these are included in the price of the airline ticket and are listed below. There are no charges to be paid separately at the airport.

The Passenger Service Charge is included in the price of tickets to and from Barbados at the rate of BDS $55.00 per passenger. The security fee of BDS$6.40 is charged per passenger and is also included in the price of tickets.

There are specially reduced charges for passengers connecting within 6 hours either regionally or internationally. The Transfer Charges for passengers connecting or transferring through the Airport are:   

  • International transfer (within 6 hours of arrival): BDS $25.00 (Plus BDS $6.40 security fee), and
  • Regional transfer (within 6 hours of arrival): BDS $10.00 (Plus BDS $6.40 security fee)
  • Arriving passengers pay a $3.00 Terminal Charge, which is included in the price of their ticket.

Effective 1st October 2018 the Government of Barbados introduced the Airport Service Charge (Travel Tax) which is also included in the price of the airline ticket. The fees are as follows:

  • Airport Service Charge       BDS $140.00 (International departures)

 BDS $ 70.00 (CARICOM** departures)


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