Safety & Security

Security at Grantley Adams International Airport is about ensuring the safety of all our airport users. We work together with the Barbados Civil Aviation Department (BCAD) to provide the best air travel security possible.
Knowing some simple security requirements before you leave home can speed your time through airport passenger screening. GAIA encourages travellers to “know before you go.” For information about the latest security guidelines, questions about baggage screening, lists of items allowed or prohibited in baggage, please click here.

Security Screening

All persons travelling from GAIA are required to be screened in accordance with international security regulations. Please remember:

  • To proceed through screening, you will need a valid passport and boarding pass.

  • All passengers must pass through the screening checkpoint before they can proceed to the airline departure gates.

  • At the gates, some airlines will have security officers who may conduct a secondary screening process of you and your carry-on baggage.

Prepare for screening:

  • Learn what you can take in a carry-on bag;

  • Have liquids and gels in containers of three ounces or less, and have the containers in a one-quart-sized, zip-top plastic bag;

  • Remove the plastic bag from your carry-on bag and put it in a screening bin;

  • Place all metal objects, such as coins and keys, in your carry-on bag;

  • Put laptop computers in a screening bin;

  • Remove shoes, jackets and belts and put them in screening bins.

General Security Reminders

  • Remember, whether you are arriving or departing from Grantley Adams International Airport, all baggage and vehicles are subject to search at any time.

  • Do not leave bags unattended. They will be confiscated and may be destroyed. If you notice an unattended item or suspicious activity, immediately report it to airport security personnel.

Airport Map

Be a Smart Traveller

This section is a detailed information guide designed specially for you the traveller. Below you will find information to assist you when using the Grantley Adams International Airport