Grantley Adams International Airport Inc.

Travel Tips

Luggage tip

Remove all old tags and labels from your check-in luggage, tuck loose straps securely, and retract all handles. Taking these actions lessens the chances of bags encountering problems on conveyor belts.

Pack food

Take your own onboard to ensure you get the food you like on your flight. Take your favourite ready-for-travel fresh or packaged foods and even your favourite tea or chocolate to drink. Then, get hot water from the refreshment cart on board the aircraft!

Kids’ stuff

Keep a few toys and items to occupy children on the plane and in waiting areas. Keeping items together in a see-through plastic pouch allows you to pack up neatly and see that all items are accounted for in a quick check.

Plan ahead

Do what you can ahead of time, such as pay bills and make thorough arrangements for what you may need to have dealt with in your absence. If someone will have to act on your behalf officially, make the necessary phone calls and write letters that will be required.


The airport recommends that travellers check in three (3) hours before the departure of international flights and two (2) hours before the departure of regional flights.

Take care of business

Before you travel, prepare a written checklist of the essentials:

  • Are credit cards and debit cards in order?
  • Have medications been refilled?
  • Have you made provisions for your absence?

Keep your head clear

Take chewing gum or sweets to help keep your ears from hurting when the pressure changes in the cabin. If you are susceptible to motion sickness, take air sickness tablets ahead of your flight, so they have time to work.


    Keep your medication with you in your carry-on luggage. Do not pack essential medications in checked luggage as there is the possibility that your luggage may not arrive with you.

    Pack to be searched

    You never know when you will be spot-searched. After your carefully packed items are disturbed in your bag, it may not be easy to get it all back in and zipped up quickly – especially on a return trip home! Pack so that it’s easier to put it all back. Rolling clothing is a good technique as it keeps items separate, and wrinkling is not an issue; plus, it is a great space-saver.

    Locks or Ties?

    Since checked baggage can be examined, keep all valuables with you or in your carry-on. It is advisable not to lock bags, as they may be opened for secondary inspection should security screening warrant it.

    Packing smart

    Keep a change of clothes in your hand luggage – just in case of delays in bags arriving at your destination when you do or an unforeseen delay.