Grantley Adams International Airport Inc.

The Caribbean Hub

The Grantley Adams International Airport is Barbados’ only airport and the aviation hub of the Eastern Caribbean, handling daily flights to and from the other Caribbean islands connecting to major cities in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. Nonstop flights occur daily to London, Toronto, New York, Miami, and most of our Caribbean neighbours.

During 2004-2006, GAIA undertook a major terminal expansion and renovation project, which saw the airport transform from a single terminal building into a two-terminal facility with dedicated departures and arrivals terminals. A fresh, open, tent-themed architectural structure links the buildings together, taking full advantage of Barbados’ tropical climate while maintaining functionality and a modern flair. These changes cater to increased aircraft and passenger arrivals and an improved passenger experience.

Landside GAIA Inc.


GAIA is located southeast of the island, along the Adams-Barrow-Cummins Highway and just half an hour’s journey to the spectacular west coast beaches. South coast and city destinations are all minutes away by car or public transport.

Plant and Operations

The airport operates on a 24-hour basis and has handled almost every type of aircraft, from the fastest passenger aircraft, the Concorde, which until 2003 operated scheduled services to Barbados, to the heavy lift US (C5A) and Russian (AN124) cargo aircraft. While currently closed to tours until further notice, GAIA has a Concorde museum next to our Departures terminal, which houses the ex-British Airways aircraft G-BOAE.

Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) at check-in and the gates enable airlines to check in passengers from any counter and better accommodate traffic by scaling up as needed. In addition, the expansion and refurbishment of our facilities provided:

  • More airline office space
  • New flight information displays throughout the departures terminal
  • A new transit facility
  • A new baggage system. The check-in counters to the baggage area are equipped with X-Ray hold-baggage screening equipment to ensure that all aircraft hold luggage is screened.

The airport’s 11,000 ft asphalt runway has all required landing and other navigational aids and is one of the longest runways in the eastern Caribbean.


The Grantley Adams International Airport handles over two million commercial passengers arriving and departing. The terminal was designed to handle 1,600 arriving and 1,600 departing peak-hour passengers.

GAIA is also an excellent cargo trans-shipment point for the region, making it increasingly popular between South American and European carriers.

Various small operators, such as Trans Island Air, St. Vincent and Grenadines Air, Mustique Airways and Executive Air, operate air taxi and day-tour charter services into and out of Barbados.

All cargo and courier services are operated by LIAT, Caribbean Airlines and Amerijet International, whilst DHL, Federal Express and UPS provide courier services.

Served by Major Carriers

Some of the major carriers, including charters, operating into Barbados are: