Grantley Adams International Airport Inc.

Grantley Adams International Airport is operated by Grantley Adams International Airport Incorporated (GAIA Inc.), a private company incorporated in 1998 under the Company’s Act, and fully owned by the Government of Barbados.

GAIA Inc. is fully responsible for managing the commercial and day to day operations of the airport which comprises a network of over 50 companies, organizations and public agencies employing approximately 3,500 people, of which 407 directly work with GAIA Inc.

Given that tourism is the central foreign exchange earner for the island, GAIA plays a critical role in the economy of Barbados serving approximately two million passengers annually and over a hundred daily flights.

GAIA Inc. is headed by a Board of Directors, under the chairmanship of the Hon. Dr. Jerry Emtage, and is responsible for ensuring the policy direction of the management of the airport.

Our Vision

To make Grantley Adams International Airport the best airport of its size anywhere in the world

Our Mission

To be a successful world class provider and facilitator of air transport and related services

Our Corporate Slogan

“Rising Higher”

GAIA Inc is committed to...