Grantley Adams International Airport Inc.

Airport Charges & Fees

Passenger Fees

(Included on the airline ticket)
Exemption: No-stopover, direct transit passengers (same flight number and aircraft).

Passenger Service Charge (JG)BDS $55.00
Security Charge (JH)BDS $6.40
International transfer (within 6 hours of arrival)BDS $25.00
Regional* transfer (within 6 hours of arrival)BDS $10.00
International and Regional* transfer (beyond 6 hours of arrival)BDS $55.00
Terminal Charge (DI)BDS $3.00

Landing Fees

(Aircraft are charged on the basis of the maximum permissible weight authorised in the Certificate of Airworthiness)(Charges in BDS$)
Aircraft having a maximum all up weight (AUW) of 1,800 kg or less are exempted from all charges.

1,800 – 5,000 kgs$20.43
5,001 – 27,000 kgs$4.59 per 1,000 kg or part thereof
27,001 – 54,000 kgs$5.42 per 1,000 kg or part thereof
54,001 – 160,000 kgs$6.74 per 1,000 kg or part thereof
over 160,000 kgs$1,078.96 plus $4.09 per 1,000 kg or part thereof


Twenty percent (20%) of landing fees per 24 hour period or part thereof.

Ground Transport Operator Fees

Effective October 1st  2018.

Category of VehicleMonthly ChargeOccasional Permit Charge
Luxury Vehicles (limousines, HLs)$120/month per vehicle VAT inclusive.$15/trip VAT inclusive.
Regular TaxisNo monthly rate.$8/trip VAT inclusive.
ZM VehiclesNo monthly rate.$10/trip VAT inclusive.
Buses and coaches (BTs)$120/month per vehicle VAT inclusive.$35.25/ trip VAT inclusive.

* NB: List of countries for which the regional transfer amount applies: Anguilla (AI), Antigua & Barbuda (AG), Aruba (AW), Bahamas (BS), British Virgin Islands (VG), Cayman Islands (KY), Cuba (CU), Dominica (DM), Dominican Republic (DO), French Guiana (GF), Grenada (GD), Guadeloupe (GP), Guyana (GY), Haiti (HT), Jamaica (JM), Martinique (MQ), Montserrat (MS), Netherlands Antilles (AN), Puerto Rico (PR), Saint Lucia (LC), St. Kitts & Nevis (KN), St. Vincent and the Grenadines (VC), Suriname (SR), Trinidad & Tobago (TT), Turks & Caicos (TC), and US Virgin Islands (VI).