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Lost and Found

Have you lost your luggage?

Airlines are responsible for checked-in luggage. Should your bags be misplaced, airlines typically have a thorough process for tracking and retrieving lost luggage. However, if your bags do not arrive as they should, there are some steps that you should take.


Once you realize that your baggage is not on the carousel:

Check the Lost and Found

  • First, ensure it was not removed and stacked in the aisle between the carousels
  • If you have oversized, extra heavy or irregularly shaped baggage, they are usually delivered at carousel #6, located along the hall’s western side.
  • Locate your airline’s baggage agent, who will be in the baggage hall. Ascertain if the flight has been completely unloaded. If your baggage has yet to arrive, you must complete a Lost Bag Report with the airline’s agent in the baggage hall.
  • Acquaint yourself with the airline’s policies on lost baggage.
  • If your bag is on the next flight, you should receive it within the next day. When it arrives, the airline can arrange to have it delivered to you.

If any of your items are missing, or if you find items belonging to someone else, immediately report this to a GAIA Inc. Duty Manager at telephone number 1 246 536-1336 or send an email to

What to do if your bag arrives damaged

  • Report this to your airline baggage agent in the baggage hall at the airport.

5 tips to ensure your bags are easily identified and reduce potential inconveniences:

  1. Travel as lightly as possible. Many airlines have decreased the weight or size of the hand luggage you can take on board. Check your airline for their rules on hand luggage.
  2. Put your name clearly on the outside and inside of your bags. Remove extraneous tags and labels.
  3. Pack valuables in your carry-on bags.
  4. Be wise at check-in. Tag your bag with the correct destination label and keep your barcode sticker; it is usually tagged to your boarding pass. Your barcode sticker highlights a unique number that matches you to your bag.
  5. Remember travel insurance.