Grantley Adams International Airport Inc.

Faster Check-In Time At GAIA

GAIA Installs new Self-service Check-In Kiosks

Eight new self-service check-in kiosks have been installed at Grantley Adams International Airport.

The kiosks are yet another feature introduced as part of an overall plan to improve the customer experience for passengers at the airport.

The new kiosks allow passengers to check-in, print their boarding pass and proceed directly to the departure check point if they have no checked luggage.

Already, passengers on Jet Blue Airways, West Jet and American Airlines are benefitting from shorter check-in times by using the kiosks, which are conveniently located in front of the airline counters in the Departures Terminal.

Other airlines and baggage tagging capability will eventually be added to the kiosks as the software applications become available.

PIX: A passenger using the new self check-in Kiosk at BGI-