Grantley Adams International Airport Inc.

Important Notice for Travellers


The email system for the dissemination of information (PCR test results and bio-page of passport) for Sunday’s flight is now in place. 

The information will be submitted by the traveller to the Immigration email address and this information will be automatically forwarded to the email addresses of Customs and Port Health ( and

The contact information for the two agencies is listed below:

For persons arriving into Barbados from Sunday 12 July 2020 onwards,  intended travellers are to be directed to: where they are to complete the Barbados E/D form prior to arrival or departure from Barbados. As the requirement for the uploading of the traveller’s passport biographic page and a picture of a negative PCR (if they do have one) will not be completed and tested in time, the intended traveller will be directed on the form to email copies of those two items to:

The Chief Immigration Officer {CIO} has indicated that this email address will be monitored 24hrs daily for inflow and all receipts thereto will be:

  1. Entered into their electronic border management system (as in the case of the passport biographic page)
  2. Forwarded to all required stakeholders

It is to be further noted that for  this component of email either the passport biographic page and/or the Negative Covid-PCR test should only obtain for the flight(s) on Sunday 12 July 2020 as the coding and testing to have those two items integrated into the Barbados E/D form will be completed prior to the next scheduled flights for Barbados.