Grantley Adams International Airport Inc.


The public car park is operated on a 24 hour basis. The rates are in Barbados dollars and are as follows:

30 minutes or part thereof    $2.00
Over 30 minutes but less than 6 hours$3.00 per hour
6 hours but less than 24 hours  $18.00 (flat rate)
24 hours  $24.00 per day 

There is a pay-on-foot system in operation with pay stations in the departures and arrivals public areas. Settle your parking fee with coins or cash denominations of up to $20 (local currency only). Insert the card and the machine reads the information and remits change. Easy-to-follow instructions are posted.

For those who favour a more personal touch when making payments, a payment booth is conveniently located roadside at the departure terminal, staffed with multiple attendants ready to assist you. This booth operates in alignment with the airport’s flight schedule, opening to serve passengers of the day’s first departure and closing one hour following the arrival of the day’s last flight.

There is a 15 minute grace period after payment is made on your card within which you can leave before further charges  become due. If you have any difficulty when exiting the car park, the car park staff can be reached by intercoms located at each exit.

Lost and damaged cards will cost you a fee of BDS$49 .00 plus any parking fees accrued.